create a custom pattern that comes from you for your very own exclusive home style.

Patternd draws out the designer and artist in you to help you create a custom pattern that you can have shipped to you on the tableware of your choice. Let it be the first step closer to a home decorated the way you want it to look and make you feel.

intrigued? go on, we will tell you more!  

how it works – easy as 1, 2, 3


based on your personality traits and tastes, Patternd suggests a pattern customised to and for you. you like it? fantastic.


pick your dinnerware. now you can use Patternd’s tools to craft your pattern into a perfect finish: brushes, a palette of paint colors, moulds, filters…everything you need to make sure it resembles who you are and what you want your home to look and feel like, right down to the tiniest detail.


need a second opinion? if you want, Patternd provides you with advice and suggestions to improve your product design, look and feel. when you have finalized your own unique custom pattern, it belongs to you. we will print it onto a plate, a mug… your choice! – and we’ll ship it directly to you.

start playing – soon

we are currently working hard on this to make it awesome for you. just you wait!



we’re all people of taste and yet, living in a home that truly reflects who we are is challenging. when it comes to interior design, finding “the” thing that we have in mind is time-consuming and at times frustrating.

instead of relying on someone else, why not let Patternd design comes from within YOU. You have the emotions, the feelings, the imagination… YOU have the power!


Patternd is french-incorporated and the result of a creative and fun collaboration between enthusiastic Humans. we use our complementary backgrounds in design, art and tech to make personalised decor more accessible to you. we use artificial intelligence to build Patternd and bring customised interior decor into your home, to make it unique.
creating a home that resembles who we are matters to us and we believe it should start with the most basic element in our lives: food. we’re passionate about good food served on nice dinnerware, and all the more if that dinnerware comes from us.
in other words, we’re foodies passionate about creative table setting and interior design. welcome to Patternd’s world.

get in touch

 snail mail:, La Mutinerie, 29, rue de Meaux, 75019 Paris, FRANCE